What makes a website functional?

Usability, speed, and clarity.


What us is the best SEO in the world, if the website it's promoting doesn't do its job properly? The key concepts in website development are usability, speed, and clarity.

What makes a website functional? True: if we were to get into detail, we might list dozens of concepts. But from a very practical standpoint, we can say there are three mainstands:

speed: people using and searching on the Web are used to things being quick – and expect them to be. A website which doesn't load quickly is usually discarded, more and more automatically. Correct, professional website development aims at making a site “lightweight”, so that it can load quickly on all browsers;

usability: in much the same way, visitors reaching the website must immediately have at their disposal – with no complications – the possibility of reaching whichever part of the website they need, whether it is a datasheet, a descriptive page, or a contact form. If finding information is complicated or confusing, visitors simply leave;

clarity: nine times out of ten, visitors reach a website through a specific search on a search engine, and they expect to find a webiste providing a solution to that very search. Since the first moment when their browser visualizes it, visitors must be able to understand, with the utmost clarity, that there is no doubt about having found exactly the place they needed and were looking for.

These are the fundamental principles around which we base our website development. Besides creating a captivating graphic layout and a structure and content respecting and communicating your company's messages, we'll build your website to be clear, fast, and usable.

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