Here at KLC we see your online presence for what it is:

a tool with the very clear purpose of bringing you leads, customers, business.


In web marketing, there are many ways of looking at the job.

There's the ultra-specialist approach, which is based around choosing one highly performing tool and placing all hopes – and the whole of the budget – on it; there's the casual approach, favored by those who have no specific competence and just suggest mixing and matching a little bit of everything, so that no opportunities are lost; and there's the fad approach, which suggests riding every new wave as soon as it rises, constantly moving to new tactics and tools...

We have a very simple approach. Web Communication is a strategy and a process. You can't ride every fad and wave without a continuing stategy, you can't build a communication strategy by mixing and matching casually among available channels and tools, and there is no rhyme nor reason in basing everything on a single tool: no more, not today.

Today, building a web strategy requires studying how to make all of the tools and means the web offers work together – of course, while respecting budget.

Will we do SEO for you?

Most assuredly, or potential customers wouldn't find you.

But we'll integrate with Adwords campaigns if we think they can support a product launch, and we won't skimp on your website's copywriting, because there's no purpose in getting leads to click on your website and then seeing them leave in disappointment because they've found an unengaging, uninteresting site.

Trust your strategy to a team that sees what they do as a way of amplifying your real results, by exploiting all that the web has to offer.

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