Sometimes, a Google Penalty may take your webiste off.

Penalty removal is tough, but possible.


Sometimes, a Google Penalty may take your webiste off the first page of search results and make you virtually invisible to your potential customers. The good news? Penalty removal is tough – but possible.

Somehow, it happened. The SEO techniques which have brought your website to the first positions on Google, and which were perfectly white-hat until yesterday, are now considered unacceptable by Google itself. Or maybe some of those techniques have been used with less than the required care – say link building. Or then again, your website content wasn't created properly, or it isn't original.

In any case, what you know – and what's causing you trouble – is that, suddenly, searches for keywords which saw you at the top spots on Google now only bring you up on page three, or four, or ten, or fifty: you've gone from prominent to invisible.

Is this bad? Of course it's bad.
Could it have been prevented? Maybe, and not always: sometimes Google's changes to it algorithm end up totally reversing accepted policies.

Is this unsolvable?
Fortunately, no, it isn't. By acting with competence – and facing actually significant complexity – Google Penalty Removal is possible – if not guaranteed.

By analysing your entire backlink profile, your content, and all of your website's code, we'll enact the strategies which have the best chance of bringing you back within Google's acceptability criteria and to the top spots on SERPs.

Contact us now and let's see how we can help you remove your Google penalties.


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