A Web communication strategy is made of several tools and our job is

making them work together so that they empower each other.


There are many different possible tools that can be used to obtain a strong, performing web marketing strategy. We've tried to summarize them, but it's still a long list:


The base building brick of any Company's web presence, SEO is the art of making so that a website appears among the first search engine results for searches on specific terms strictly connected to its business and competence.

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Online advertising

Usually channeled through Google's Adwords service, online advertising is a form of promotion which entails publishing an ad which will be show to search engine users just as they search of one of a series of keywords connected to the ad itself. It is an auction-based system, where the highest bidder sees their ad published more often and more prominently.
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Digital Pr

Being highly visible on search engines is, unfortunately, no longer enough. More and more often, an onlin reputation needs to be built, by publishing articles and press releases on appropriate websites, so as to build a basis of Company communication, and increase credibility for the Company website – with the goal, of course, of increasing visits and leads.
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Website development

there's no point in having a website, if it isn't the right website. Internet users now expect speed, clarity, usability,user friendliness: websites lacking in these aspects are simply discarderd in favor of competitors. Website development must thus be oriented towards reating a final result that can ensure that a lead which finds your website is mtivated to stay there, browse it, find what they were looking for, and contact you.
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words, words, words. How many words are thrown in your customers' faces every day, from all sides, and have no result at all? Copywriting is the art of writing content – for your website, for an ad, for any kind of communication – in which, on the contrary, every single word matters, informs, clarifies, and most of all, persuades.
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Communication Analysis

as we've already said, the right tools aren't enough to make a strategy. Studying online or offline communication means first of all thinking of what to say, how to say it, and why to say it – and then, of course, what channels and tools use to broadcast that message. You know all about your Company: together, we'll find a way to get your customers to learn what they need.
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Google Penalty Removal

maybe not very transparent, or obsolete, SEO technicuqes have been used, or maybe content creation and management for a website wasn't made perfectly; whatever the cause, Google (which still remains the one undisputed master in search) may decide to penalize a website and drop its ranking, making it fall back to positions even dozens of numbers lower than it once held on SERPs. Removing such penalties, which means remoing their cause, is a tough, but possible task; and it can make your website regain the web and search engine positioning which is key to getting new business.
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there's a reason if the Internet has made it possible to obtain results which used to be unthinkable, and it's that it allows for extremely precise measures of trends and results. By giving you a statistics service for visits to your website, we will be able to analyze how potential leads reach it, how long they browse it, and thus if they find what they were looking for in a reasonable time frame – all valuable data to evaluate how to proceed.
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A website needs to be hosted on a server: and to make sure that the site loads quickly, works flawlessly, and does not suddenly go offline, it needs to be hosted (hence the term “hosting”) on a server which is situated in a well-equipped server room. We employ the services of one of the best server rooms – the same chosen by one of the major online newspapers for its brilliant service status.
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