Our guarantee? If we cannot reach the promised results,

you get your money back


The traditional SEO offer: a first-rank positioning within Google's best results for a selection of keywords connected to your business. Our guarantee? If we cannot reach the promised results, you get your money back.

For most Companies, there is a short, well-defined list of keywords related to their business which they want to bring up their website on SERPs, and thus it's easy to know what to focus on with SEO; the biggest hurdle in this is usually the fear that the investment won't give the expected returns. Our traditional SEO offer, guaranteed positioning SEO, is aimed just at these Companies, weith the most classical of guarantees: if we don't reach the results we promised, you get your money back

This way, by eliminating the worst risk, these Companies can verify, with precise data, what results they have obtained in regards to positioning on SERPs, both by measuring the actual increase in visits and contacts – and thus, in business and profit – and through regular reports showing the actual positioning on all major search engines.

Today, building a web strategy requires studying how to make all of the tools and means the web offers work together – of course, while respecting budget.

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